Born into a gifted musical family, singer/pianist Sarah Silverman grew up surrounded by music.  Early inspiration was drawn from her parents; her father toured as a drummer with jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie and her mother performed as a classical violinist in Toronto. From a young age, Sarah exhibited multifarious talents; theatre and dance, in addition to music, played a large role in shaping her as an artist.  

As a student, Sarah attended the Glenn Gould School of Music on scholarship and earned her Bachelors Degree in classical piano performance with James Anagnoson.  She spent six years in conservatory honing her skills on piano, and in 2004 Sarah relocated to New York to complete her Masters Degree at the Manhattan School of Music (MSM) with Daniel Epstein.

During her time at MSM Sarah began to widen her musical scope and gravitate towards jazz.  “I was using jazz as a way to relax and escape before piano performances. I found myself becoming envious of the spontaneous creation and communication my peers in the jazz program were experiencing on stage”. Sensing there might be more to her musical world, Sarah auditioned for a vocal jazz 

class taught by Peter Eldridge and Luciana Souza.  Her experience in this class marked the begining of a change in direction of her musical pursuits. Sarah credits Luciana with inspiring and encouraging her to explore her love of vocal jazz, and through Luciana Sarah was introduced to her teachers, vocalist Jeanie Lovetri and pianist Bruce Barth.  

In 2010 Sarah made her Broadway debut as a pianist for the Tony Award winning show "In The Heights".  She was also a pianist for Disney's "Mary Poppins" until its closing in March 2013.

Currently Sarah performs primarily as a jazz vocalist.  Drawn to intimate performances, Sarah often sings duo with Bruce Barth. Recently, their inspired collaborations have led to the recording of her self-titled debut album.  The album, 'Sarah', marks a dramatic shift away from her background as a classical pianist, but it is also a natural evolution for a performer drawn to different musical styles, improvisation and the spirit of distinctive collaboration. The first track on 'Sarah' is entirely improvised and the last track is a classical piano piece by Edvard Grieg for which she wrote lyrics.  The album was released on July 23, 2013 with a celebratory concert at Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village, NY